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Barbara Grant Jaworski

Barbara Jaworski was a teacher and counselor in an elementary school for 35 years. During that time she raised three sons, all musicians.  She enjoys reading, poetry, writing stories and poems, and of course, dance. She works part time at a small private school when she's not writing.

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5 Responses

  1. Jen Durham says:

    What a lovely story! Thank you for sharing!

    —Jen Durham

  2. Elaine Alexander says:

    Yes, teachers are enormously influential, but they don’t often enough use their influence positively. I remember being surprised and inspired by my son’s second grade teacher, when she scolded her students for turning away another child who came to play. She never mentioned who were the culprits. But she described what she had seen on the playground a few minutes earlier, and told them what was supposed to happen: when someone is alone, you invite them to join you; you do not turn them away. I had never had a teacher who shared moral convictions.

    I like your story, Barbara, because it points out that kids may not know who they are—dancers, musicians, writers, leaders—until a teacher who sees many children tells them.

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  3. May 30, 2014

    […] Nick Jaworski is a graduate student in music education and communication at the University of Illinois in Urbana, Illinois. In addition to teaching introductory music education technology classes at the university, he serves as the Vice-President of Secondary General Music-Elect for the Illinois Music Educators Association. Previous to graduate school, Nick taught band, music appreciation, and rock & roll methods at Winnebago High School, in Winnebago, IL. Ways to get in touch: Contact him at Nick currently blogs at Follow him on Twitter: @JaworskiMusic. And, yes… the talented Barbara Grant Jaworski is his Mommy. […]

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