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We’re looking for teachers who are passionate about their students, music education, and the work they do. Share your experiences, successes, and what you’ve learned with other teachers by contributing an article to Leading Notes!

Sometimes the thought of writing your ideas down and sharing them with others can seem daunting. However, at Leading Notes, we’re committed to working with you throughout the process – from initial thought to final draft.

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Add your voice to the music education conversation.

As we all know, participation and enrollment are key to a successful music education program! Leading Notes is no exception.

We know that each music teacher brings his or her own unique background and skills to a classroom of diverse students. All of these perspectives guide and shape their music-making to create something special.

We’d love to hear about what you’re doing that’s unique, different, or just plain works. It can be as complex as a case study of a new digital music education program or as simple as three vocal warm-ups that get students motivated and excited about the lesson to come.

Develop professionally by writing and reflecting on what you do well.

The writing process is an underappreciated tool for professional development. We can learn and develop a better understanding of ourselves as music educators through reflecting on accomplishments, mistakes, and ways to improve during the next lesson or unit.

By sharing your ideas with others, you open yourself up to discussions with other music educators, constructive criticism, and positive feedback on your thoughts. Reading different perspectives can improve your understanding of what you do or provide a different approach.

If you’re new to writing online, we’re here to help! We not only care deeply about getting your ideas into the world, but we want to make sure that your content is top-quality and easily accessible to all of our readers. People who have worked with us in the past recognize our commitment to their final product and it’s something that truly sets us apart.

Share your ideas worldwide.

We believe in supporting and advocating for our writers. In contrast to traditional academic journals’ websites, Leading Notes will always be free to access online. Share your work with your friends, colleagues, and school districts!

We’d love to share your website, blog, online portfolio, or any other resources with our audience. In addition, we pledge to do our best to share your ideas with others via our social media accounts and email newsletters.

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